On becoming members of Snitem, companies pledge commitment by signing Snitem’s Code of Ethics Charter; this more particularly concerns having respect for the legislation and regulations in force.
A Code of Ethics and Professional Practice Committee made up of manufacturers has been appointed in Snitem to ensure that the commitments set out in the charter are honoured.


Furthermore, Snitem has updated its General recommendations on interaction between businesses and healthcare professionals: they aim to explain and clarify the core rules that are legally binding in France by supplementing them with European recommendations.

They have been widely circulated and provide a foundation for ethical relations with healthcare professionals.

In addition, Snitem is involved in the work undertaken by the Snitem/Leem/Cnom steering committee which has led to the drafting of joint, consensual documents:

  • the guidelines for interpretation and application of article L4113-6 of the Public Health Code,
  • four agreements, as well as two amendments, between the Cnom, Snitem and Leem to help set up simplified declaration procedures.


Lastly, SNITEM Info devoted its Spring 2010 special feature to an in-depth review of relations between manufacturers and healthcare professionals by getting the French Medical Association National Council (CNOM), among others, to give its views.