Every year, a General Meeting brings together all the Member companies. This is when it elects the President and members of the Board of Directors for a two-year renewable term of office.

By virtue of its structure, the Board is representative of the variety in the industrial fabric at Snitem. You will find below the make-up of the Board elected at the AGM on 26 June 2014.

The Committee is made up of two ex-officio members: the President and the Treasurer, and of at least three Directors, elected for two years by the Board.




Chairman of the Management Board, VYGON (single use medical devices in the fields of catheterization and accessories, pain management, respiratory failure, surgical drapes)






President of SIGVARIS (medical compression stockings)

Jean-Luc BUDILLON (elected on June 26, 2014)

Cardiac Surgery Division Director of SORIN Group (heart valves, pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators, stents, anglioplasty accessories, renal care - disposable and equipment for hemodialysis)

Gilles CHANTREL  (reelected on June 26, 2014)

Co-Chairman of LA DIFFUSION TECHNIQUE FRANCAISE (aerosol generators, air mattresses to help prevent and treat bedsores, breast pumps, suction pumps and clinical exploration system of the Eustachian tube (tubomanometers)


Sébastien CINQUIN 

Managing Director of SYST’AM (bedsore prevention and treatment system (mattresses, cushions, position devices), drug aerosol generators and humidifiers for ENT and bronchial purposes)



Managing Director of CAREFUSION France (infusion pumps, syringe pumps, devices for biopsy and aspiration, antiseptic products)


Sébastien DIAS (elected on June 26, 2014)

Managing Director of BECTON DICKINSON (single-use hypodermic products, pre-filled drug administration systems, safety-engineered medical devices)


Didier GERBAUD (Vice-President, Treasurer and member of the Bureau)

Managing Director of of B. BRAUN MEDICAL (surgical instruments, vascular, neurological and orthopaedic implants, secure medical devices, infusion and transfusion sets, syringes, catheters and needles for anasesthesia, infusion pumps, surgical sutures, ostomy pouching systems)


Jean-Marc GINER 

Managing Director of AIR LIQUIDE MEDICAL SYSTEMS (respiratory assistance equipment  for hospitals, emergency and home care, oxygen therapy, sleep apnoea, ventilation, aerosol therapy, medical fluids, medical and therapeutic gases)


Denis HANSJACOB (Vice-President and member of the Bureau)

Vice-President France Belux, Nordic & Central Europe of ST JUDE MEDICAL (products for heart rhythm management, heart surgery, cardiology, vascular accesss and neurology)


Jean-Marc IDIER

Managing Director of FOURNITURES HOSPITALIERES INDUSTRIE (orthopaedic implants (hip, knee, shoulder, foot, ankle), ligament repair (ligamentoplasty), bone substitutes, spine (artificial lumbar discs)


Christophe LALA (elected on June 26, 2014)

CEO of GE Healthcare France & Benelux (medical imaging : radiology, ultrasound, scanner, MRI, nuclear medicine, clinical information systems, operating theaters, resuscitation (ventilators, respirators, monitoring))


Karim MANSOUR (reelected on June 26, 2014) (Vice-President and Member of the Bureau)

Managing Director, Healthcare Division of 3M France (infection prevention, skin and wound care, food safety, professional and oral care (dental and orthodontics)

François MARCHAL (Vice-President and member of the Bureau)

CEO of TETRAMEDICAL (dressings, bandages, dressing change kits)


Christophe MARTIN (elected on June 26, 2014)

President of ETHICON (solutions for the treatment of infectious diseases, immunology, oncology, haematology, heart and vascular disease and neurological disease)


Managing Director of EOS IMAGING (medical imaging dedicated to osteoarticular diseases and orthopaedic surgery)



Bertrand PERRIN

Marketing & Communication Director, Medical and Scientific Training Director, TORNIER International (orthopaedic implants)


Pierre REBOUL 

Business Unit France Director, EDAP TMS (equipment for treating prostate cancer, lithotripters and medical equipment for urology)


Hassan SAFER TEBBI (elected on June 26, 2014)

Imaging and Therapy Division Director of SIEMENS HEALTHCARE (equipment and related services for radiology, medical imaging, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, ultrasound and information systems for healthcare)


Kaïs TAHIRI (elected on June 26, 2014)

Managing Director of FRESENIUS MEDICAL CARE  (products and services for kidney cleansing and failure - haematology, peritoneal dialysis, haemofiltration)