The institutional environment for healthcare ICTs or medical devices that communicate is the same as for any medical device (see Partners and Regulatory Authorities), but it is important to note that new players have appeared with the setting up of telemedicine.




ASIP Santé: Agence nationale des Systèmes d’Information Partagés de santé (Shared Health Information Systems Agency)
Set up in July 2009, ASIP Santé stems from the merger of the GIP-DMP (Electronic Health Record Public Interest Grouping) and the GIP-CPS (Professional Health Card Public Interest Grouping). It has been given extensive missions, from the design and deployment of shared health information systems, such as the Electronic Health Record (DMP as it is known in France), to the production and promotion of national and international guidelines, particularly in matters of interoperability, and including the development of the usage of information systems in the health and social welfare sectors.


ANAP : Agence nationale d’appui à la performance des établissements de santé et médico-sociaux (Hospitals and Healthcare and Social Welfare Centres Support Agency)

Instituted by act no. 2009-879 of 21 July 2009 to reform hospitals and relating to patients, health and territories (HPST Act), the ANAP was officially set up on 23 October 2009 through the publication of its statutes in the Official Journal. ANAP brings together three bodies: the Groupement pour la modernisation du système d’information hospitalier (GMSIH – Hospital Information Systems Modernisation Group), the Mission nationale d’appui à l’investissement hospitalier (MAINH – National Support Mission for Hospital Investment) and the Mission nationale d’expertise et d’audit hospitalier (MEAH – National Hospital Appraisal and Audit Mission) in the legal form of a Public Interest Grouping.




ANTEL: the National Telemedicine Association is an association whose aim is to develop research and promote medical practice in all areas where telemedicine will bring added value to the taking care of patients.


Snitem is on the Board of ANTEL.

It has also drawn up a partnership agreement with ANTEL (click here).