The French market

The market within Snitem’s remit

In France, Snitem is the professional organisation in the medical technology industry sector that covers the widest area in terms of turnover and product categories represented. Furthermore, its area of operations also extends to products relating to Healthcare ICTs. The statistical market data that Snitem puts together from its members only correspond to the product categories (see opposite) represented in our trade organisation.

For 2011, Snitem estimated that its scope (medical device and Healthcare ICT markets) corresponded to a global turnover of 11 billion euros.


The French medical device market in figures

In order to arrive at the turnover corresponding to the whole French medical device market, the data from other trade organisations in the medical device sector have to be added to the figure from Snitem’s scope.
Consequently, the total medical device market including in vitro diagnostic is estimated to be around 19 billion euros.